Since the relationship began, Social CBD has allowed Arctic Leaf to test and push the Klaviyo envelope. This trust allowed our team to build an extremely successful email marketing strategy tailored to each unique segment of their audience.

Social CBD offers many options for all types and tastes of CBD products. We helped them gain an even larger audience while still targeting each one of them in a unique and personal way.

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What They Needed

Social CBD was looking for someone who could take over their email campaigns to provide better insights and more consistency.

They wanted to target the right audience at the right time to help improve their revenue and increase their overall email performance. With the growth of the CBD industry, Social CBD needed to put themselves on the market, stay top of mind, and grow their audience.


How Arctic Leaf Helped

When we began working with Social CBD, they wanted someone to run their email marketing campaigns so they could focus on what they do best.

Our team took Social CBD’s current practices and developed a streamlined marketing strategy that tied to their brand and audience. By gaining a deeper understanding of their clients, and focusing on their monthly sales goals, we enabled their team to reach those goals time and time again. This also created the flexibility to adapt to current social and economic situations.

By updating their current flows to better target specific audiences, we let the automated emails do the work for them. Every email is authentically Social CBD, highlights the uniqueness of their products, and the science behind them.


Driving Conversions

Through our deep analytical lens, and the use of Klaviyo’s reporting capabilities, our team was able to create specific monthly targets to hit – whether it be around campaigns, flows, or their list segmenting.

By digging deeper into their specific campaigns, and what influenced the consumer to click, we were able to continuously deliver unique and effective brand messages that drove the customer to purchase.


12 Days of Christmas

Created for the holiday shopper, the Arctic Leaf team created a campaign that featured a different daily sale item for the “12 Days of Christmas”. Consisting of 12 different emails and sales, this campaign created a sense of urgency and excitement for the consumer to purchase while they still could.

In each sequential email, the previous days sales would be blurred out, but the slashed price and sale price were still visible. By also showcasing what the future sale items would be, this drove individuals to continuously open the emails and check back to make sure they didn’t miss out.

These small tactics ultimately pushed customers to purchase as soon as they opened the email.

➤ Average Open Rate: 24.76%

➤ Average Click Rate: 3.48%


Blog Campaign Strategy

Being part of a relatively new industry, there’s always a lot of different information circulating around. Our team wanted to take advantage of Social CBD’s current and future blog posts to be thought leaders to their customers.

We began by scheduling monthly campaigns that highlighted a different blog that informed the reader in a quick and easy way. With that, we were able to send customers accurate and specific industry information.

Since each blog send was segmented to an audience that would find the information relevant, our team was able to garner a high open and click-through rate compared to industry standards.

➤ Average Open Rate: 26%

➤ Average Click Rate: 4%

➤ Total Order Revenue: $4K+


Smart Send With Klaviyo

A stat that has become extremely important in email marketing is sending at a specific time. Each campaign and each segment has an optimal time to send to garner the best open rate, click rate, and revenue.

In April 2021, our team decided to test and discover what send times garnered the best results for SocialCBD. For 21 days, each campaign, blog, marketing, and sale were sent utilizing the Smart Send feature within Klaviyo. At the end of the 21 day test time, all the results were analyzed to determine when the best send times were for each individual campaign. From there each email was sent to a segmented audience at a very specific time.

Through this test using Klaviyo’s Smart Send feature, we were able to achieve the highest revenue on a sale campaign to date.

➤ Sale Campaign Revenue (Compared to Previous): 33% increase


The Power of Testing

The Arctic Leaf team wanted to utilize the power of flows and work smarter, not harder. We took our go-to flows and branded them specifically to Social CBD. Utilizing their unique brand voice, our team tailored each email in the flow to their audience.

During the implementation of each flow, we tested send times, time delays, subject lines, and content. This really narrowed down what the audience wanted and was looking for.

By testing each specific asset at the beginning, the flows yielded amazing results.

➤ Average Open Rate (Jan. 2021): 34%

➤ Average Click Rate (Jan. 2021): 5%

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