Easy Strategies to Market to Your Senior Demographic

Ah, seniors. The baby boomer generation is often untapped when it comes to marketing – but contrary to popular belief, they can make a significant impact on your marketing efforts. There are over 52 million seniors nationwide, and an increasing number of older adults are spending their time online. And the best part? Seniors have disposable income, a desire to lead a good life, and are open to marketing messages.

However, your senior marketing strategies are going to differ significantly from your average consumer! In this article, Jula Creative breaks it down.

Keep It Old School

Some of the most extensive marketing campaigns out there today involve slang or words or complicated jargon. Avoid trendy language like this at all costs – you’ll be wasting valuable advertising dollars! To market effectively, you need to speak the language of your demographic. What baby boomers value above all else is transparency and reliability. They want it clear and straightforward – how does your service work, and how will it improve their quality of life? Answer these questions, and you’ll be able to draw their attention.

Easy Does It

According to Forbes, the age of digital marketing has brought about gimmicks and advertising extravaganzas of all kinds. Pop-ups, virtual reality stores, QR code menus, and alternative experiences sound great on paper. The reality is, seniors grew up with a very different understanding of user experience. Handling complicated actions on an app or interpreting small symbols will likely not be your ticket to effective senior marketing. Instead, offer an easy, intuitive sales process that doesn’t make the user work hard for the result.

Visuals Are Where It’s At

Tyton Media reports that 56% of people are more likely to buy products or services with eye-catching graphics. To improve your brand awareness, you’ll need a cohesive graphic element across your website and socials. A customized banner is a great way to draw in potential customers while signifying your brand image. Hire a graphic designer for your social or website banner – or save money by using Adobe’s banner creator. You’ll be able to personalize text, font, and graphics and easily add animations and video. Just remember the cardinal rule here – keep it simple, silly! Don’t overcomplicate where unnecessary.

Give Them Something Familiar

We’re all drawn to what we know and love. Why not play to that effect in your marketing? Seniors grew up receiving physical forms of advertisement – catalogs, mailers, and flyers. In addition, this generation prefers tangible items that provide information quickly rather than constantly trawling through websites.

The boomer generation is also accustomed to a time when the client was treated like royalty. Be sure to personalize your efforts so that your brand stands out in their mind. This can be as simple as setting up a live customer service chat rather than an automated chat line or opting for personalized service reports.

Staying Loyal and Committed

Senior marketing follows a distinct pattern. Marketing efforts need to prioritize educational, informative content and strategies with valuable insights. If you’ve managed to convince your demographic, they will likely keep you on as a go-to, especially if you continue providing great services and assistance. You can then offer incentives to retain your competitive edge and keep them coming back for more. Coupons, free resources and content, promotional deals, and follow-ups will be effective in ensuring your senior clientele are happy and provided for. This, in turn, will give you customers for life!

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the aging marketing opportunity. According to Ofcom, over 50% of older adults use social media, while over 67% use tablets and other mobile devices. This means there’s a lot you can do to gather the attention (and loyalty) of this brilliant audience base.

Navigating digital marketing can be daunting and challenging. Well, Jula Creative Marketing Agency offers specialized web development, SEO, Google PPC, and more for all your senior marketing needs! You dream it, we build it! Be sure to contact us at 253-693-0155 or info@julacreative!